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Brampton Tooth Replacement Dentist

Replace Missing Teeth

Male with in his 50's wearing a stiped collard shirtHistorically, people have tried man different methods for replacing missing teeth. The first example of “dental implants” comes to us from the Mayans – remains were found showing that Mayans actually replaced teeth with tooth-shaped pieces of sea shell, which they pressed into the jawbone. Throughout the ages, people have tried replacing their teeth with animal teeth, wooden teeth, and even human teeth. Porcelain dentures first appeared around 1770. Today, dentures, partial dentures, and fixed bridges are far more comfortable and natural-looking than these previous options!

Dentures and Partials

Modern dentures consist of replacement teeth set in a tooth-colored base. Full dentures replace all of your teeth, and partial dentures replace missing teeth when some teeth still remain. When creating your full denture, we’ll make an impression of the gums where the denture will rest. Getting the best fit possible is very important, as this will determine the stability and comfort of your denture. The impression is used by a dental lab to craft dentures just for you.

Partial dentures have clasps that hold them to your remaining teeth. If you would like, we can also provide you with implant-supported dentures for even greater denture stabilization and retention.

Fixed Bridges

Are you missing just one or two teeth in one spot? Are the teeth on either side of the gap relatively healthy? You might want to consider a dental bridge from our Brampton dental office for your tooth replacement. Held in place by dental crowns, fixed bridges are non-removable, offering a more permanent option compared to a partial denture. This helps you avoid the embarrassing slippage that can come with a partial denture. If you’re interested in dental implants, a bridge can be affixed to dental implants instead of anchoring to neighboring teeth.

If you’re missing teeth, we very much encourage tooth replacement. Missing teeth can cause a chain reaction that will eventually cause major problems for both your oral and overall health. If you’re in Brampton, Mississauga, Georgetown, Woodbridge, or surrounding communities, contact Torbram Dental for an appointment to discuss tooth replacement with Dr. Vince Fava. By providing dentures, partials, fixed bridges, dental implants, and implant-supported dentures, Dr. Fava makes sure you’ll be able to make the right choice for you. Take advantage of all the comfort modern dentistry has to offer!